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Dawn Butterfly Workshop

£75.00 GBP

The Dawn Butterfly Workshop offers different target species depending on the time of year. Duration of workshops is around three hours.

Large Blue Butterfly

Previously extinct in the UK and still a rarity the large blue butterfly has its stronghold in the West Country. We will visit a lesser known site to avoid crowds but will still be almost certain to obtain sightings. We will also have the opportunity to photograph marbled white butterflies which are one of the most photogenic butterflies and can quite often be seen perched on pyramidal orchids making for a great image.

I like to keep the location of this workshop a secret until just before we go. To give you a rough idea, it is within a 15 minute drive of Babcary Meadows (see below).

Meeting place to be advised. Be aware that the site is very steep.

Marbled White Butterfly, Babcary Meadows

Late summer wildflowers and marbled white butterfly. Babcary is a network of eight interconnected species rich grassland and wildflower filled fields.

We will visit  before the fields are cut for the traditional hay harvest from mid-july onwards. 

Meet 15 minutes before dawn at Babcary Church (park on road)

Chalkhill Blue Butterfly, Draycott Sleights

The Chalkhill Blue Butterfly is restricted to unfertilised chalk and limestone downs, Draycott Sleights on the Mendips being a perfect example. A late emerging butterfly  towards the end of July and August, we will also see other blues notably the Common Blue which has it's second emergence at this time of year. We will also see late wildflowers including field scabious.

Meet at dawn at the reserve entrance. Limited parking for about 4 cars.

Be aware that Draycott Sleights is very steep until you reach the plateau.

Other information for workshops

Numbers are kept small so that I can spend time with everyone to help get the perfect shot.

DSLR/Mirrorless cameras with macro lenses are ideal although other combinations can produce good images. Please contact me here to discuss other options to ensure you get the most out of this workshop. I have a Canon and professional macro lens combination for hire if required.

Wear wellington boots. Waterproof trousers and jackets will also be useful as you will spend most of the time lying or sitting down in the dew covered grass.

Emergence times of butterflies can vary. Please contact me before booking to discuss your preferred dates. These can be changed in the event that butterfly numbers are low or in the event of bad weather. I check each location for butterflies the day before the workshop to ensure sufficient numbers. 

If you have any questions about the workshop or to arrange your preferred dates please contact me here

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