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Starling dawn eruption experience

£50.00 GBP

RSPB Ham Wall on the Somerset Levels is famous for its starling murmurations. Join me for a pre dawn expedition to witness the amazing sight and sound of the starlings moving through the reedbeds and the erupting in mass explosions into the sky to fly off to their feeding grounds.

To ensure your experience is  out of this world I visit the reserve the evening before so that I know where the starlings are roosting and so that in the morning we can be in position as close to the take off as possible. 

The starlings take off before sunrise, so we need to arrive in the car park one hour before sunrise to get into position.

Photography tuition will be given including settings,  panning and slow shutter photography. You may also want to video the take off.

Wear warm clothes, wellies and bring your camera.

Workshops will be postponed if the starlings are not in a suitable position on the reserve. Dates can be flexible and if you want the optimum experience and are happy for a short notice trip, I can phone you the night before once I know the starlings are in a great position.

Evening experiences can also be arranged and these would be where the trafitional murmurations are seen and the starlings come into roost over a longer period of time. Contact me here if you have any questions about either experience and with your preferred dates.

Starling visits run from November through to February, numbers of starlings peak around December and January.

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